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Monday, March 13, 2006
  More books
I finished Red Mars. I also just bought Judas Unchained.

Red Mars was good, good enough that I will try and read Green Mars. I was a bit distracted during the reading, and I think a lot of the finer plot points were lost on me. I would get to a certain part of the book, and I wouldn't have "seen it coming". I have yet to determine if the blame is truly my own, or a shortcoming of the author's. It was a good book, however. It was a very plot driven story, with interesting characters (who all seemed to end up dead, no matter).

I just bought Judas Unchained, by Peter Hamilton.

Note to authors. Please, please please. Include a synopsis at the beginning of your sequel novel. J.R. Tolkien did this in his Lord of the Rings saga, it made reading it much nicer. You didn't have to depend on your own crappy memory to remember what happened. I tend to have a life (not much, but one nonetheless), and it is very hard for me to remember the finer plot plots when it can be up to a year between books for me. I am having a hard time starting Judas Unchained because I can't remember what exactly all the characters were doing at the end of Pandora's Star. Judas Unchained starts up right st the end, as far as I can tell, and it is rough going.

Podcasting for slackers?

I am very behind on my podcast listening. I still have 'casts from January that I have to listen to. Yikes.
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