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Friday, December 16, 2005
  Novel status
I "finished" NaNoWriMo, but my novel is not finished. I labeled it Part I, and now I have to finish Part II. I was hoping Part II to be around 30K words, then my total novel before editing would be 80K words. It really does need some heavy duty editing, I need to add in some more characters, remove some, and add more detail on others.

With that said, I am really not in any hurry to finish. (I have a more pressing concern in the short-term to worry about), plus every time I think of the novel, I get very tired. I'll be happy to write the next 30K over the next three months, then start the editing process, which I am looking forward to. I always preferred editing the written word to coming up with the written word, personally.
Now, onto other things.

I know I promised a review of Pandora's Star by Peter Hamilton, but I waited so long, I don't really remember the finer plot points. Judas Unchained is now coming out in March I hear, so I will need to get the book back before I start the next edition.

I am also planning another trip to the library, so I will make my updated list of what I will be reading soon. If I am lucky, I may be able to get some chapters read to me while I labor.

Speaking of audio books, I went to podiobooks and started Spherical Tomi by Jack Mangan. It is starting out very strong, but I am having a hard time keeping all the characters and events straight, because I listen in my car during my commute. It is very good, and I suggest you go and check it out.

Now for the contribution this week.

Why I don't see movies in the theatre.

There is a very simple explanation, really. The explanation is, I have a 19 month old child at home. I work full time, so I would feel guilty leaving him with a babysitter so I can go to a theatre and watch a movie, when if I wait a few months I can buy it on DVD and watch it on the comfort of my own house. When you consider it, it cost about the same. I begin salivating akin to Pavlov's dog the moment I walk into the theatre, even if I wasn't hungry and/or thirsty when I showed up, I am that way by the time I hand my ticket over and see the concession stand.

I rarely escape with less that ten dollars in the till. So I can reason spending even 20 for a DVD, which I rarely do. Besides, we have the whole, HDTV, home theatre set-up, and it is really quite nice to watch movies at home, I must say. And I can get up to answer the call of nature without having to hike a mile to the nearest facility (and of course some other movie just let out so there is a line), missing 10 minutes of action.

With all that said, I have yet to see Episode III, Serenity, Batman Begins or the Fantastic 4. These are all on my list, but the one I am the lest excited about is Episode III. I really just like the old Star Wars and I think the new Start Wars is crap. There. I said it. It is crap.

So sue me.
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