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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
  Another entry

I have been trying out a few new podcasts lately. I am too lazy to add them to the sidebar yet, but you should def. check out:

Spaceship Radio, it is a very cool podcast that plays old sci-fi radio plays. They have some very good shows, and it really draws you in. Highly recommended.

The next one I have is Spherical Tomi. This is really a book by Jack Mangan, he of the Duel of the Fates. You can see his website here, and you should also listen to his DOTF on Wingin' It if you desire. You can hear Spherical Tomi on Podiobooks, this is a very cool site where you can subscribe to various audiobooks. You must subscribe to the Spherical Tomi feed, the readings are excellent and done by Jack and his wife. You can also subscribe to hear the first DOTF as well.

I like the Spherical Tomi story so much, I am considering going for the purchase of the E-book. This is big news as I am cheap as all get out, and very protective of my bank balance.

My Novel

I last worked on my novel, The Eye of the Beholder, on Nov 30. This was also, coincidentially ,the last day of NaNoWriMo, go figure. I called it finished, slapped a Part I label on it, and said I would finish it by adding another 25000-30000 words to Part II, then heading back for the re-write. At this point, the novel has really taken the back seat in my life, and I probably won't (realistically)get back around to it before the fall.

I will dedcate my writerly tendencies to writing book reviews and short stories until then, we meet again.
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