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Sunday, February 12, 2006
  Books, what I am reading
My resolution should have been to post more often. I would like to post here once a week or so. I'll try and keep that up.

What I have been reading.

I just finished Speaker for the Dead, Orson Scott Card
and Ringworld, Larry Niven

I am currently reading Red Mars, Kim Stanley Robinson

Speaker for the Dead

I think this was a good story. I found myself much more able to relate to Ender the adult than Ender the child. When I read Ender's game, it was much more of a fiction/fairy tale story for me. The book dealt with children placed in such an extreme situation, I really had a hard time relating with the characters. In Speaker, I found myself able to relate more with Ender as an adult. Also, many of the other characters in the novel were also adult, which helps.

I thought this was a very good follow-up for Ender's game. The story moved quickly enough to keep the reader interested. There was always the hidden view of the future, and I found that the novel never became stale or predictable. There were some aspects of the novel that I didn't pay as much attention to.
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