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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
  I got your pathetic right here
I'm actually thinking of re-loading Widows 98 on my old, dead laptop. This is the same laptop that I screwed up my Windows 2K install on (don't ask) then couldn't repair because I forgot my admin password (no comments on that either), then couldn't just re-install because I don't have a bootable CD, and there you have it. I tried putting MEPIS on it, but it was too slow.

I am willing to admit defeat on it, really. My thought was, though, I have all these cool old games. Well, two anyway. XCOM:UFO Defense and XCOM:Apocalypse. Love them, and they run perfect under Windows 98. Not so much under Windows 2K and def. not under Windows XP. So my thinking was, I would just make this old laptop my XCOM gaming system, since it is nothing but a very large, very old paperweight. Cool eh? The only fly in the ointment is that I don't have a copy of win 98. It is selling on ebay from 30-80 USD right now. Yeah, right. I am just too cheap to pay that. I also saw some bootable win 2k cDs, but XCOM doesn't run on win 2k, so.

What I need is a cheap or free copy, full version, of win 98. Right.

I also got Age of Empires II Gold version, and I have been playing that when I get a free minute. I was going to get WoW, but defaulted to AOEII instead.
i bought a copy off ebay for $20 or so, and it helped me resurrect my computer. it was even 98SE.
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