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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
  The Mars Rover
First of all, I have no NaNoWriMo update. Well, that is not technically true. On day 7 I did no writing. I was exhausted, and I spent the evening at home vegetating. I did some outlining, so it wasn't completely wasted. My NaNoWriMo goals are as follows:

Complete Chapter 5
Begin Chapter 6 (and I mean at least half)
Attain a word count of at least 3000 words.

I have calculated that at my preset output I will never finish on time, so I need to really kick it up a notch. Last night's outlining session really helped get my mind in order. I have been mostly outlining as I go, which has been giving me some very unstructured chapters. I am confident that today's writing will progress relatively smoothly. Needless to say, this book will need some intensive rewriting. This is my first fiction writing experience, so I am taking that into account.

Now, onto the Mars rover. I have my active desktop enabled on my crappy windows XP system (don't get me started). I have a webpage there, directed to the Astronomy Picture of the Day, so everyday I am connected to the internet, I get a nice picture on my desktop. Today's picture is of the barren Mars landscape. I think it is a good thing we don't have AIs yet. If we did, we would have equipped the rovers with one, then sent them off to Mars to do their roving around, alone and solitary. I have to believe that anything capable of independent thought would get very depressed and lonely looking out at Mars. I am positive that the current rover is not lonely, but just looking at that picture makes me lonely for the rover. It makes me think of that movie, Red Planet I think it was, where the robot went crazy and started taking out the team.

Just my two cents.
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