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Thursday, November 03, 2005
  Day 3 update
Day 3 is here! I have caught some deadly virus, so I was out sick yesterday afternoon, and as soon as I do this training I am scheduled to do, I will be back out sick again. I had thought if I took my computer home, I would get some writing done. Well, not quite. I still need to do some more outlining though. The story is progressing well, for all of one and a half chapters of it. My first chapter is a bit loose, and the second one is heading that way. I have all these ideas, so I just need to sit down and sketch out a rough outline.

I have always hated doing outlines. I remember every writing class I ever took, the instructor said, "do an outline." When I wrote my dissertation, I did do a rough outline. While it was a hard labor, it did help me communicate with my advisor the content, and it provided a nice road-map for me when I got 'stuck' while writing. Even though I know that outlines make writing just that much easier, I still detest making them up.

With NaNoWriMo being so quick, and my complete lack of preparation so thorough, I will have to outline on the fly. Luckily my writing seems to just spill out (for now, anyway), so the time I actually spend writing I am actually writing. I was planning to take a day off of writing this weekend, so that may be a good time to get some more outlining done. Of course, by this weekend I plan on having written through chapter 4.

Anyway, here is the wordmeter for the day:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3,387 / 50,000

The Chapter count stands at one complete. I will finish Chapter 2 today.

I do my word counts through Word, and it seems to really under-count. When I uploaded my doc into the NaNoWriMo counter, I had significantly more words. This is a good thing.

On a end note, I cannot access the web page today either. I can appreciate that they are probably just flooded with all us crappy writers accessing the servers at once, but it does get old.
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