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Friday, September 09, 2005
Specifically, MEPIS 3.3.1.

I have already discussed the situation leading up to my decision to convert over to Linux in my personal, at home, just screwing around, POS laptop. It's on my other blog here.

I haven't received the disk yet, but I already know I am going to have problems. It's because of my secret power. Yes, I have a secret power. The power to f*** up electronics.

We have a wireless network at home. Yes, it is secure and encrypted. I also have USB driven devices that I would like to work, specifically, my IPOD, digital camera, PDA, and external CD burner. I am already worried that these will not function. Already. Please, no comments form the peanut gallery along the lines of: "buy a new computer already", because if you had read the other post like I asked you too, you would see that buying a new computer isn't in the stars for some time.

Why do computer/software geeks have to make up their own language? Why can't you just call it by what it is, instead of making up a new word? I am arming myself with knowledge, so that when my MEPIS disk finally arrives, I can (hopefully) install it and get most of my hardware up and running. I realize that the Netgear wireless card, coupled with the Linksys/Westell DSL system is problematic. So I go here, and most of it makes sense, but what the f*** is a CHIPSET? This one is even worse, and it is meant to tell me how to do all this crap. Yes, I am a geek but unlike the majority of folk out there believe, not all geeks understand computers. Sheesh.

I'll just have to wait and keep you updated on my progress.

Please let me know if anyone has any cool links to Linux programs, specifically for:
1. Podcasters
2. Games
3. Syncing software for my Dell Axim
4. Anything else
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