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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
  Douglas Adams
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is one of my favorite books. So much so, that I purchased a special leather bound edition of all four installments. Yes, it is true.

I also happen to be a book purist, and I usually detest when movies are made from books, especially if they are my favorite books. As a direct result, I have not seen the movie adaptation. I have not heard a lot of buzz, either yay or nay, about it so I must conclude that is was an average movie. So if you have seen the movie and you have comments, please leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail.

The thing that really got me started thiking about about THGG was the Cricket tournament. Recall that lovely scene in Life, the Universe and Everything when Arthur and Ford are transported to Lord's on a chesterfield sofa during the final minutes of the championship cricket match, and they meet Slartibartfast there, then the Krikkit robots descend, steal the ashes (the silver bail), kill people and leave. Well, England is currently playing Australia for the ashes right now, and Jason is English so he pays attention to such. Of course I had to bring up the Krikkit robots and I told him that if England won the tournament, then maybe the Krikkit robots would come and take the ashes.

Jason thinks I am mad.

This is the world I live in. I listen to this podcast, Geek Fu Action Grip and the host there, who's name is Mur, was talking awhile back about how she always dresses comfortably because she nevers knows when she will be transported to an alternate or an entirely different world.

I think in the corner of my mind (ruled by madness, perhaps) that if England wins the match, the Krikkit robots will appear. Well, I'm sure if it happens we will all know about it.

I had intended to write a much longer first entry, and tell you all of my plans, but I will have to do that later. Maybe this weekend. I really do have some cool news I want to share with you all.

Keep it real.
hahahah I am a book purist as well, But we got the dvd, and I have to say "so long and thanks for all the fish">cracked me up .
"42">explains everything...
very british my hubby really didn't get it, I was raised very british and first husband was a brit so it cracked me up,hahahahMarvin...
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